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Happy Sparklers
The Soul Symphonics family

The Soul Symphonics (TSS) is a new working community for ambitious musicians, scenographers, dancers, lighting designers, etc. who want to help create their own workplace. The ambition is to become a self-sustaining financial company that can provide many gigs for the members of the orchestra in the future. Gigs that will be paid according to the tariff.


We are an orchestra with room for excesses, so you can be as colorful and "funky" as you like.


As a member of TSS, you can contribute to your own salary in various ways. You can

  • sell tickets

  • play sponsor gigs

  • make practice videos that can be sold online

  • find sponsors

  • contribute with services or networks that can increase the orchestra's revenue

You can read more below.

If you have other great ideas, we'd love to hear from you too.

Sell tickets

For every ticket you sell for a TSS concert, you will receive 10% of the ticket price.


Each member of TSS is given a personal code that they can give to friends and acquaintances who buy tickets for the concerts. When your code is used when buying tickets, you will receive 10% of the ticket price for your sales efforts.

Sponsor gigs

The TSS sponsors have solo/duo/trio/quartet concerts included in their agreements.


You can make money by playing the sponsor concerts that will be paid according to the tariff.

Make practice videos

It is TSS 'ambition to spread its music to musicians at different levels. The works can, for example, be rehearsed at music schools, evening schools, folk high schools, etc.


Musicians in TSS are invited to make rehearsal videos for their particular instrument - preferably at different difficulty levels.


Michael Millfield makes his original music available and composes notes for three different levels. The practice videos will be posted on TTS's website, where they can be purchased by interested parties.

If you record one or more useful practice videos, you will get 50% of the revenue from downloads of your videos.

Find a sponsor

In TSS we sell 'chair sponsorships'. If you sell your own chair to a sponsor, you get 10% of the basic fee as a bonus. You will also be the first we invite to participate in the solo/duo/trio/quartet concert at that company, if you wish.


You can sell to anyone you want, as long as it is in "respectable" industries. Maybe your aunt has a car dealership, maybe your brother has a nursery, or maybe you play regularly at a company that wishes to support culture in several ways. 


You are very welcome to sell more sponsorships, that will of course add to your bonus.


We will be happy to help with the process if needed.

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