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Everyone is welcome in The Soul Symphonics community!  You participate to the extent you want.


The community is built around different activities that you can participate in when you have the time and desire. You can, for example, come and watch the orchestra's / choir's rehearsals without talking to anyone, you can ask questions about the music, the instruments, etc., or you can participate in the social gatherings during the breaks when you are in that mood.  

Will also offer "concert dating", where you can find new friends to go to (our) concerts and other events with - through the network.

Other social events are in the making and your ideas are also very welcome.

As a member of The Soul Symphonics, you also get access to exclusive experiences, such as:

  • rare clips featuring famous artists

  • open rehearsal for members of the TSS community, fun, socializing, peek behind the scenes

  • singing / music workshops


Members of our community can also choose to participate in solving tasks related to rehearsals, concerts and events.

The tasks can be everything from networking, marketing and printing of programs to sewing costumes and building scenery / props, lighting design, recording video clips, etc.

Everything is facilitated by a person in charge from The Soul Symphonics, but hopefully everything can run without daily involvement from the person in charge. 

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