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Corporate events

The Soul Symphonics (TSS) offers foyer concerts in collaboration with your company.


A foyer concert takes place, as the name suggests, in the foyer of your company or another suitable place in the company. The event can be in collaboration with the company culture / art association, if you have one.

You provide the facilities, and TSS will be responsible for the complete musical experience.

What do we need?

To complete our concert we need:

  • Rooms with seating

  • Dinner and cafe if you have a canteen available

  • Mutual branding and marketing

Presentation to the audience

Before the concert, or between two concerts, you will have the opportunity to give a presentation to the audience. It can, for example, be a presentation about the company's art association, about your values, about a new initiative, collaboration or something completely different. The presentations before / between the concerts, should be based on the basic value - empathy, and touch upon the importance of music / culture, loneliness or other relevant topics.

What do we offer?

TSS offers a total musical experience at a high, professional level. The musicians have played with some of the greatest artists in the world - including Prince, Celine Dion, Tower of Power, Burhan G., Rasmus Seebach, Lisa Nielsson, the DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) orchestras orchestras and many more.


The music is original, composed for TSS by the author, Michael Millfield Mølhede, and the lyrics are about TSS' core value, "empathy".


At TSS-events, you get the opportunity to strengthen the unity among the employees when you gather for a social and cultural experience. You can also choose to invite partners or customers to the event, and strengthen your relationship with them.

If you wish, the concerts can be closed - only for colleagues, customers and partners.

What do you get out of it?
  • Musical total experience

  • Professional musicians at a high level

  • Original music

  • Unity / sense of community

  • Networking opportunity / customer care

  • Possibility of closed concert for employees / partners / customers

  • Mutual branding

  • Video clips with the musicians in the company that can be used during the concerts and in future marketing

  • Possibly. several concerts on the same day or over two days - some for the company others for the public

  • Earnings from the sale of food and beverages

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